Online Casino Comparison


The aim of this review is to be an informative guide that gives readers everything they need to know to make their assessment. The tests focus not only on the obvious aspects such as the bonus rules, but also on the licences and the quality of the customer service.
Online casino test categories

There is only one number 1! Sounds trivial at first, but it hits the nail on the head. What makes an online casino a top provider? The test criteria are explained in detail below.

Games and software

Slots, card and table games - at first glance, internet gambling establishments offer a fairly similar range of services for players. In our tests, we quickly discover how big the differences can be. For the best refraction factor, we therefore also look at which game developers are worked with. From this, customers reading our test reports can draw conclusions about which well-known slot machines - such as Starburst or Book of Dead - they can expect as players at the best internet casino.

Bonus offer

Impress an online casino bonus with more than 1,000 euros. Whether this bonus really lives up to expectations in practice, however, remains to be seen. For our reviews, we take a close look at the conditions for the bonus. Especially with regard to the turnover requirements, players will very quickly experience surprises with one bonus or another - and these surprises do not always have to be positive. Particularly high turnover requirements for the bonus ensure that the internet casino lacks the crushing factor at the end of the game.

Live casino

In online casinos, it is much easier to play at tables with live dealers. Such offers are becoming increasingly important for players. A trend that the developers of the games are also increasingly recognising. Some studios rely on a mixture of classic games and new ideas. Unfortunately, not every online casino works with these game providers - which we will definitely point out in our test.

Mobile casino

Thanks to the processing power of modern smartphones and 4G, mobile casinos are no longer a problem, at least technically. Top casinos have created a port of the gaming offer as a casino app that is easy to use - and in which you as a customer can reach all important areas with a swipe.

Limits & Payout Ratios

The payout rate varies from game to game. However, a generally high average value always speaks for itself. Players will also find quite large differences between the gaming tables in terms of limits. Important for the crushing factor is that online casinos consider low stakes and high rollers in the same way.

The payment methods

What does an online casino need - a clearly structured cash area. In any case, modern payment methods such as Skrill or Neteller must not be missing. In parallel, mobile payment methods - such as MuchBetter or ApplePay - have gained in importance in recent years. For that certain crushing factor, however, internet casinos must not completely do without tried and tested payment methods. Credit cards and bank transfers may seem a bit dusty, but they are still used by casino fans.

Customer service

As part of our casino tests, we put internet casinos to the test in all possible areas - including the quality of support. To be classified as a top casino, customers must be able to contact customer service immediately via live chat or hotline. At the same time, the tests try to find out how well the service centre staff can deal with even more complex problems.

The procedure of the test

How is the online casino test conducted in detail? The short answer to this question is shown below.

Admission criteria: Who can register at an online casino? This question belongs on the agenda in the test. It should go without saying that customers can only register when they are of age. On the other hand, it happens that players residing in Germany or Austria cannot register at internet casinos.

Registration process: In this step we check how easy it is to find the registration form and how quickly the average casino fan completes the registration. Considerations also include whether we have to confirm an email first - or whether we find ourselves in the lobby immediately.

Deposit: To get an overview of the banking process, we will look at the deposit procedure in detail. On the one hand, this is about the available payment methods, but also about how long it takes for the funds to be credited to the user account.

Test the games: Especially internet gaming houses that work with rather unknown game providers, we also randomly test games from the individual categories.

Live casino including in-game chat: As soon as the player sits in a live casino for the first time, he will notice the special atmosphere. Thanks to the chat function, the atmosphere here is much more sociable. In our tests, we examine how well it is maintained and whether dealers/roupiers interact with the players.

Mobile test: Apps for smartphones and tablets have become more and more important in recent years. In our tests, we therefore examine very closely how well the online casino app works. In addition to user-friendliness, our focus is also on how well the game offer is ported from the desktop application to the mobile casino.

Payout test: We can only give a comprehensive overview of the banking business of an online casino when we have also taken a close look at the payout. At this point, the question arises, among other things, whether customers have to expect fees for withdrawals - and how long the entire process takes.

The customer service: How quickly does the customer service respond? To answer this question, we work with a test request. Sent via all available contact channels, we find out as quickly as possible how competent and user-friendly the support at the online casino is.

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Legal situation of online casinos

Situation in Europe: Check the legal situation

Many of the internet casinos are not from Germany - but have their headquarters in Malta or Gibraltar. There is a reason for this, of course. Both destinations are characterised by business-friendly tax legislation. And they have another advantage over Germany: functioning laws regarding the licensing of online casinos.

What are the implications of all this for you as a casino fan? Within the European Union, the topic of online gambling is perceived very differently. In particular, the countries mentioned at the beginning are characterised by relatively liberal framework conditions for online casinos - which differ significantly from the regulations in Germany, Austria and France.

What is special about this constellation are the regulations on the freedom to provide services. Countries like Germany cannot simply exclude companies that are licensed in a member state from the national market.

A fact that has repeatedly led to contradictions in the past: Member states that tried to enforce strict bans were confronted with a rebuke from Brussels. In the case of Germany, the procedure ultimately even went so far as to take the national regulations to the ECJ (European Court of Justice) - and the legislative bodies had to take a severe blow.

Licensing authorities: The top 5 online casinos active in Europe

The most important thing about the casino is its respectability. A very important point of reference here is licensing and regulation by the authorities. In Germany, it has not yet been possible to set up a corresponding authority. Other members of the Union have been much quicker here. The most important licensing authorities are presented below.

Malta Gaming Authority (MGA)

In recent years, Malta has developed into a destination that holds a prominent position in the EU. The island state handles the issue of legalising online gambling in a liberal manner. At the same time, Malta has recognised that land-based casinos and online casinos can develop into an economic factor. Due to these framework conditions, the Maltese Gaming Authority has gained a lot of importance. Founded in 2001, almost 300 operators of casino games have already been licensed by 2018.

Gibraltar (GRA)

This small corner of England on the southern coast of Spain has long been of strategic importance. Today, Gibraltar is known as one of these "hot spots" for online casinos and sports betting. Based on the Gambling Act of 2005, the Gibraltar Gambling Commissioner took over the task of controlling providers and issuing licences. A special feature of the licensing process in Gibraltar is that operators must be certified by organisations such as eCOGRA or GLI. Among other things, these check the RTP and the quality of the random number generators. Currently, about three dozen online casinos are licensed by the Gibraltar Gambling Commissioner.

British Gambling Commission

The UK Gambling Commission was established in the United Kingdom on the basis of the 2005 Gambling Act. Its task is the licensing and supervision of providers of sports betting and online casino games. Approximately 300 staff are employed for this purpose. They ensure that the requirements regarding player protection and the prohibition of underage gambling are complied with, not only in internet casinos. Thousands of betting shops are also monitored by the UK Gambling Commission. The commission currently registers around 2,700 operators.

Isle of Man GSC

The Isle of Man Gambling Regulatory Commission is ahead of other regulatory bodies in one respect: experience. Since the 1960s, it has had the task of supervising the local economic sector of gambling services. Very early on, the Isle of Man issued licences to online casinos and their operators. The Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission granted the first official licence to operate a live casino in 2009.

Alderney Gaming Control Commission (AGCC)

In the past, the British royal family ruled over a global colonial empire, to which the Commonwealth still bears witness today. The Channel Islands have long had special status as a Crown Dependency. Alderney has used this position to create conditions for casinos, among other things. The Alderney Gambling Control Commission (AGCC) oversees that its operators ensure fair gaming, that no minors are playing and that assets are properly managed. Established in 2000, the control strengthens the industry and secures the Channel Islands' reputation as a destination for land-based and online casinos.

Online casinos in Germany: legal situation

With regard to the legal situation in Germany, no consideration can actually take place without knowledge of the context at European level.

In principle, the supervision and regulation of online gambling in Germany is a matter for the federal states. Within the framework of a common line, the federal states - under the leadership of Hesse - joined forces and passed the State Treaty on Gambling. This made it clear: online gambling had no chance of obtaining a licence. Event and participation are therefore punishable.

But this is precisely where Union law came into play. A new version - in the form of an amending state treaty - was supposed to create clear rules. However, the Schleswig-Holstein state government, which was liberal on this issue at the time, decided to go its own way. The curious situation: the licences were issued in Schleswig-Holstein but were not valid for the rest of Germany.

And the 2nd State Treaty on Gambling had no better fate. In the meantime, the Länder are working on the fourth variant of the Amendment to the State Treaty. This is to regulate the issue from 2021. The fact that there is so far no solution for the time after this date is again being criticised from Brussels. What else could happen in Germany when it comes to online casinos?

Apparently, a rethink is slowly taking place. Some Länder have meanwhile changed sides and become advocates of a liberal solution. These now include - in addition to Schleswig-Holstein:

North Rhine-Westphalia.

What does this development mean in practice? The State Treaty on the New Regulation of Gambling is a clear sign that the strict prohibition policy of the past years will be significantly relaxed. In the future - provided the State Treaty on Gambling is passed and ratified - it will be possible for private broadcasters to apply for licences. The new regulation also provides for the creation of a supervisory authority. This authority will then be responsible for the regulation and supervision of online casinos, similar to the Malta Gaming Authority.

It remains to be seen, of course, whether the planned amendment to the laws on online gambling will actually be set in stone as planned. Criticism is already coming in because of the very narrow limits for the area of live betting. But questions also remain open on the subject of player protection. The amendment provides for a deposit limit of 1,000 euros across all providers. The question naturally arises as to who is to monitor these framework conditions.

Ultimately, the providers might be tempted to continue as before. However, should the new State Treaty on Gambling prove to be valid, the German authorities would then have completely different possibilities to react. In this case, the ECJ decision prohibiting sanctions would no longer apply. In the best case, players would be able to legally play in online casinos from July 2021. And what threatens in the worst case? At the next meetings of the countries, the package will be torn apart again and a compromise will be reached that is not compatible with Union law. Then the tug of war would continue in any case.

Conclusion on the situation in Germany

Currently, the online casino industry is going through regulatory changes. The German government is pushing ideas and draft laws that industry insiders believe are distant from the market and not in line with it. Online casino gambling is still possible, casino players do not have to worry for the time being.

FAQ about online casinos

So that readers don't have to search for the answers to their questions for a long time, our FAQ about the Internet Casino is structured thematically.

What casino games are available at the internet casino?

In the internet casinos, customers will find a whole range of different game categories. In general, the offer can be divided into the following categories:

Slot machines / Slots
Card games
Table games

All other game categories are based on these three groups. One example is progressive jackpot games: These are usually slot machines where a small part of each game bet goes into the jackpot. As long as the jackpot is not hit, the prize pot continues to increase.

Sometimes there is a mixture of casino games among themselves. Although poker is actually a typical card game. The developers of slot machine games have adapted the game principle for slot machines. By the way: The distinction between table and card games can be somewhat confusing, as casino games such as blackjack are sometimes also attributed to table games. It is clearer to summarise them as "big game", which is, however, rather unusual in the internet casino, but is reserved for land-based casinos.

And what about the live casino? We deliberately exclude this aspect - as it is not a separate gaming class. Rather, the operators of online casinos try to mix classic casino operations with the possibilities of online gambling. The biggest difference to the games mentioned at the beginning is not only the flesh and blood dealer, but that the game results at the live tables are not based on a random number generator. This is an aspect that has met the security needs of many casino fans in recent years.

What are the payout ratios of the individual games?

In our tests, guides and reviews, two terms keep popping up - one is RTP and the other is payout ratio. Actually, both terms can be used synonymously. RTP is the abbreviation for the English term "Return to Player" - the payout to the player.

It is expressed as a percentage - usually as a number < 100. The online casino provides information about the payout ratio, i.e. the extent to which stakes are paid out again to players. The RTP is the house edge of the internet casino. The meaning of the payout ratio is not always clear at first. Let's assume that a slot has an RTP of 96.54 percent. This would mean that of every 100-euro bet on the slot machine, an average of 96.54 percent would be paid out again. But: The payout rate is a statistical figure. It cannot automatically be assumed that the player will win a prize exactly to the euro - the law of large numbers always applies. What are the odds of the individual games? It is difficult to make general statements. However, our practical experience shows that the range between low and high payout rates is particularly clear for slot machines. Some machines have a payout rate of less than 88 percent. Other slot machines, however, have an RTP between 96 percent and 97 percent. Especially in the area of table games, players can sometimes achieve an even higher RTP, which can be over 99 percent. This applies to blackjack and poker variants, among others. Is it worth taking advantage of the online casinos' bonus promotions? Customers have to develop a differentiated view of the bonus packages in the online casino. In principle, there are bonuses whose activation brings advantages to the players. On the other hand, players will also come across offers in the casino bonus comparison that are tempting simply because of their bonus amount. However, a closer look reveals that such bonuses can sometimes boomerang in the bonus conditions. It is necessary to fulfil a rollover that is almost impossible to achieve. If it becomes too difficult to fully convert the bonus, then customers should not claim it. In many online casinos, the multiplier for the turnover requirement ranges from 25 to 40, so with a bonus value of €1,000, players can expect to earn up to €40,000. To make matters worse, some providers do not base the bonus value on the credited bonus alone, but add the deposit and bonus amount. This doubles the calculation basis for the rollover in one fell swoop. Taking into account a free-play period of one week or 14 days, it should be clear that such bonus conditions can hardly be realistically created - especially since wagering limits very often apply to active bonuses. Customers should use a welcome bonus if the bonus conditions are right for them. And sometimes it makes sense to settle for a slightly smaller bonus package whose conditions can be met without major difficulties. What live casino games are offered? Live dealer tables have become an important part of the online casino. The special ambience and the fact that customers do not have to play against random generators contributes to the popularity of live tables. When it comes to the games offered, it is necessary to distinguish clearly between the individual game developers. A considerable number of internet casinos do not employ their own crew for the implementation of these offers, but cooperate with developer studios for the technical realisation. In recent years, among others, the following have become known: Evolution Gambling NetEnt Their range of casino games clearly focuses on the following games: Roulette Blackjack Baccarat Casino Poker But also games like Punto Banco or dice games make it into live casinos from time to time. All of them are rather classic games that you might also know from casinos. What is also striking about the range of games is the strong innovation dynamic in the live offers. There are always new game ideas from the developers, some of which have the potential to become crowd favourites. How does a live casino work? There is currently no gaming option that comes closer to the classic casino than the live casino. The atmosphere here is relaxed, customers can watch the cards being shuffled or the ball rolling into the roulette wheel. Everything in the online casino - from the dealer or croupier to the tables and the decorations - looks real. Behind the scenes, the gambling is highly professional and elaborate. While the croupiers provide entertainment in front of the camera and the game takes its course, the action is recorded by cameras from various angles and streamed onto the Internet. What you see at the end, however, is not the raw material but an edited version. The developers add an overlay to the recording so that players can place their bets or chat with other players and the dealer/roupier. The stream also contains permanents of the last hands or throws played. Due to the technical possibilities, the streams can be edited so that the background can be adapted for individual casinos or the table limits can be customised. What devices can I use in an online casino on the go? From the perspective of online casino operators, it is important to port the live casino to different platforms. In other words, you can play live not only on your PC, but also on your laptop or tablet on the couch. The optimal constellation is that customers always have your live casino in their pocket when they are on the go. Customers can enjoy the games on PC, laptop, tablet and smartphone. And often without downloading any additional software. There is no need to download and install a desktop application for the PC or an app. In recent years, online casinos have started to offer their gaming services primarily browser-based. The whole thing has the advantage, of course, that players hardly have to worry about system requirements. Whether one can use the smartphone at the end of the game via an online casino app depends very much on the operating system. For the native app, this statement is trivial. If an online casino offers the app exclusively for Android or iOS, customers have a problem with other operating systems, such as Windows Phone, which is now no longer supported. On the other hand, there may be limitations if certain modules simply do not work on mobile. Players may have noticed the headline in the back of their minds that Apple has banned Flash Player from their devices? This is exactly the kind of thing that can lead to restrictions. Are there any gaming restrictions for mobile use of online casinos? In connection with the porting of the game offer via a download app, there may indeed be certain differences in the offer. This may be due to licensing conditions. On the other hand, the development of an app is costly. It requires technical resources and money to make the entire game offer available for mobile devices via an app. This explains why some games may be missing in the casino comparison. The web app is much more flexible in this regard. Here, the online casinos use the possibilities of responsive design. With its help, the design in the internet casino is automatically adapted to different display devices. In terms of the range of games and user-friendliness, the web app is much more like the desktop version of the casino. Are there other limitations in mobile casinos besides the porting of the game offer and the design? One aspect that should not be excluded is banking. Especially solutions that rely on mobile payment can be subject to certain restrictions at this point. However, it always depends very much on the individual case at this point. Are there mobile casino apps to download? Customers may also come across one or the other mobile casino with apps. However, the online casino comparison shows that the variant is now losing importance. Many operators no longer rely on the native app. The focus is clearly more on the web app. In most cases, this is not a special app, but merely the porting of the browser-based online casino to the mobile browser. Some casinos know this principle from Responsive Websites. The advantages are obvious. Online casinos do not have to worry about the app continuing to run smoothly after an update of the mobile operating system. The fact that the web app has gained so much importance over the native online casino app for download has another reason. Both Apple's AppStore and Google's Play Store for Android have strict rules. Developers of apps related to gambling have difficulties placing their apps in the stores. What remains is the possibility of appearing as a third-party provider - for which the user must grant special rights to the apps. Instant Play circumvents this dilemma and still allows easy access to the online casino via mobile phone and tablet. What certifications are there and what are they checked for? The licence of the online casino is one thing. For many casino fans, it is indeed an indication of the seriousness of the offer. Independent certificates and seals of approval create additional trust. Which organisations have become particularly established in recent years? Organisation Location Certified casinos (examples) eCOGRA London 777Casino, 888 Casino, Betsafe, Betsson, Betway, Unibet Gambling Laboratories International (GLI) New Jersey KasinoEuro iTech-Labors London SpielautomatenMillions, CasinoEuro In addition to these three examples, there are several other certification organisations. In German online casinos, customers will sometimes even come across TÜV test seals. Even the Gaming Commissioner of Gibraltar refers - as a prerequisite for obtaining a licence - to audits of these certification companies. Within the test series, the organisations examine, among other things, how secure the online casinos are, whether the RTP (the payout ratio) is fair and what impression the random number generators make. The latter must not fall outside the range of statistical probability, otherwise visiting the online casino becomes an unfair encounter. Who can participate in online casino games? Online, anything is possible! Those who think this way quickly develop a false impression of online casinos. Even if registration takes a few minutes and gives the customer any identity he or she wants - internet casinos are not a lawless space without control. Quite the opposite: especially providers licensed in EU member states have to scrutinise their new customers very closely. The basic rule is that customers may only register when they have reached the age of majority. Minors violate the terms and conditions of the casinos by registering - and must expect consequences. In addition, the German Youth Protection Act prohibits gambling under the age of 18. No problem - no one notices anyway. After all, players can enter any conceivable date of birth on the registration form. This is true at first glance. However, many casino fans are surprised to find that internet casinos carry out identity checks. One step, though not immediately upon registration. Legitimacy is a prerequisite for processing withdrawals. Among the documents for identity verification are: Copies of identity card or passport Copies of credit card (note: black check digit) Copies of documents with registration address. If it is determined on the part of the online casino that the customer is under 18 years of age, the account will be blocked immediately and the credit will be frozen. In addition to the age requirement, we repeatedly find with some providers that no account can be set up for new customers from certain countries. These are usually countries such as the USA or Saudi Arabia and the UAE. Occasionally, however, Germany is also one of the countries from which registration in the online casino is not accepted. What does player protection look like in an online casino? One of the licensing requirements - especially for internet casinos based in the EU - is the development of certain standards for player protection. In this way, licensors enforce applicable laws to protect consumer rights and prevent gambling addiction. It is true that online casinos today follow widespread minimum standards. But: Some providers do more here than other operators. Basically, the whole thing rests on several pillars. Information campaigns to identify problem gambling behaviour and possibilities to contact player protection organisations like Gamblers Anonymous can be found at the majority of providers. The second pillar consists of possibilities for customers to actively influence their gambling behaviour. This mainly involves limits for: Session time Allocations per day or week In this way, players can limit the sums that are played with. The last option is temporary or complete exclusion from the game. Breaks in the game can also be called cool off by the players. Especially after a downturn - when nothing wants to work at all in the online casino - this step of limited time-out is ideal. As a rule, players can take this break at different times. How long a break is possible varies from casino to casino. Periods between one week and six months are often offered. We regularly find strong differences in the comparisons also in the implementation of these protective measures. Customers often have to contact customer service first - which is not the best solution in our opinion. Some providers rely on much more customer-friendly solutions. Players can set limits directly when registering and initiate a cooling off or self-block directly via the account management. Attention. Self-exclusion Self-exclusion is not the same as deletion of user data. Online casinos sometimes store the information about the deposited account for years. On the one hand, the retention periods result from legal regulations. On the other hand, the operators of internet real money casinos want to prevent customers from simply opening a new player account again after self-exclusion. Why do online casinos demand my personal data? Sure, nobody likes to peddle their personal data. In the past, there have been countless scandals about providers' lack of data protection. Hackers have exploited security holes even in large companies and have been able to steal huge amounts of consumer data. So it's better to give out less information - and not be vulnerable. The fact that an online casino collects certain data about the customer when setting up a casino account can only partly be explained by their collection mania. Especially in terms of: First name, last name Place of residence Date of birth E-mail This curiosity is understandable. Online casinos are bound by rules and regulations in relation to licensing. These include a KYC policy, especially for internet casinos based in EU countries. KYC stands for "Know your customers". In addition, providers are also subject to very strict regulations when it comes to money laundering. And no online casino risks losing its licence through negligence. And there is another point that plays a role in relation to "curiosity". In many casinos, players can activate bonus packages. Welcome bonuses, however, always come exactly once. If operators do not register new players by name, it is very likely that fraud will occur very quickly. What payment methods are common in online casinos? Online casinos sometimes also offer a free play mode, which is ideal for trying out and tasting. To be able to take home winnings, customers need two things: an account for the internet casino and a real money credit. The latter, of course, must somehow be deposited into the user account. Here the providers face certain challenges. On the one hand, the casino wants to present itself as a modern entertainment service provider. On the other hand, players should not be deterred by the lack of important payment methods. As a new customer, players will most likely come across the following payment methods: Credit cards Bank transfer E-wallets Mobile payment services In terms of credit cards, VISA and MasterCard are particularly important. In terms of e-wallets, two providers keep popping up: Skrill and Neteller. Both are now widely used almost everywhere and have the advantage that both withdrawals and deposits are credited within a very short time. Mobile payments are now becoming very important. Sure, many casino fans immediately think of ApplePay. However, this payment method is not yet everywhere. MuchBetter has its "foot in the door", though. The payment service comes from the FinTech sector and focuses on making it as easy as possible to process payments with mobile phones. In addition to the payment methods mentioned, there are a few other options - such as Paysafecard. However, these only ever work in one direction. In other words, customers can use them to deposit money into their account. For a withdrawal, however, another payment method must be used - usually a bank transfer. Pay attention to payment policies Online casinos have very specific payment policies. These include, among others, the requirement that customers can only request credit for payment via payment methods if they have also previously been used for deposits. This practice is not limited to individual casinos, but is widespread - and justified by the measures to prevent money laundering. Is PayPal offered in online casinos? Until a few years ago, we could have answered this question with a yes. In the meantime, the situation has changed significantly. Today, PayPal is not only the best-known payment service on the internet. Thanks to its long-standing cooperation with a well-known auction house, PayPal has also become an e-wallet where users maintain accounts in the hundreds of millions. And PayPal had long distinguished itself as a payment service provider for online casinos. But: In 2019, the company largely withdrew from the industry - and no longer processes transactions related to deposits and withdrawals for real-money online casinos. In the end, we can only speculate about the exact background, we have researched very carefully. One possible reason could be the uncertain legal situation in Germany. That the payment services bear a certain responsibility - and ultimately even have to reckon with financial risks - is shown by a case heard before the Ulm Regional Court. Here, a gambler sued who deposited almost 10,000 euros into his user account at an online casino via PayPal and ended up losing it. The court assigned PayPal joint responsibility and also sentenced the payment service to pay damages. A judgement that found a very broad echo in the media. For paid services, however, the whole thing should cause worry lines on the forehead. Of course, it remains to be seen how the ruling will stand up in the next higher instance. PayPal's withdrawal should not be explained by these proceedings alone. The fact that the company is based in the USA could also play a role. And in the United States, online gambling is still largely prohibited. Ultimately, this leads to a confusing situation that certainly influenced the decision of PayPal's managers. Other payment service providers that maintain their commitment to online casinos may benefit, such as Neteller Skrill Can I deposit and withdraw without fees? The answer is yes and no at the same time. The answer to this question always depends on the individual case. However, there are some providers where the payment policies need to be checked very carefully to make sure there are no fees. We will leave it here to deal with the situation in general and not name names. It is noticeable that fees are often charged in connection with payments by credit card. The fees are by no means limited to the withdrawal. Some online casinos even charge fees for deposits. It is important to note that with some ePayment services, customers are also asked to pay - which is rather the exception. Given this situation, we can only point out to always keep an eye on the payment policies. Sometimes there are stumbling blocks. In our tests, we also noticed providers where deposits and withdrawals are free of charge at first glance. However, this only applies as long as you do not exceed a certain number of withdrawals.


What are the test criteria for an online casino test?

The test criteria of an online casino test include the evaluation of the variety of games and software providers, the quality of the bonus offer, the presence of a live casino, mobile accessibility, limits and payout ratios, the range of payment methods and the quality of customer service. In addition, we examine the admission criteria and the registration process, deposits and withdrawals, mobile and game tests as well as the speed with which customer service responds to enquiries.

What are the most important factors to consider when testing an online casino's bonus offer?

When testing the bonus offer of an online casino, the bonus conditions are the focus of the examination. In particular, the turnover requirements are examined, which can lead to unexpected conditions for the players. High turnover requirements may indicate that the casino does not offer a satisfactory gaming experience.

How does the legal situation affect online casinos in Europe?

The legal situation varies in Europe, with many online casinos having their headquarters in Malta or Gibraltar, as they have business-friendly tax legislation and functioning laws for licensing online casinos. Due to the regulations on the freedom to provide services, countries like Germany cannot exclude companies that are licensed in a member state. This leads to different conditions for online gambling in the individual EU countries.

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