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Short description of Wakanim

Wakanim is one of the world's largest streaming platforms for anime. With a huge catalogue of series and films, it offers fans unlimited access to this content.

A paid subscription allows viewing of all content without commercial interruptions.

Explanation of the need to delete an account

However, it can happen that interest in anime wanes or that you want to cancel your Wakanim subscription for other reasons. In such cases, it is important to know how to delete your Wakanim account.

This article will help you understand and carry out this process.

Steps to delete the Wakanim account

Register on the Wakanim website

The first step to deleting your Wakanim account is to log in to the Wakanim website. Enter your login details and click "Sign in".

Profile navigation

After you have logged in, navigate to your profile. You can do this by clicking on your profile picture or user name at the top right of the page.

Selecting "My account" and "Subscription history/payment history".

In the next step, go to "My account". Here you will find an option called "History of your subscription/payment history". Click on it to continue.

Click on the "Cancel" button

On the "History of your subscription/payment history" page you will not only find your previous transactions, but also a red "Cancel" button. Click on this button to cancel your Wakanim subscription.

After you have done this, your membership will be paused.

What happens after termination

Declaration of pause of membership

After you have clicked on the "Cancel" button, your membership will be paused. This means that you no longer pay for the subscription, but you also no longer have access to the VIP benefits.

Explanation of the remaining VIP service life

It is important to note that you can still use Wakanim's VIP service for some time even after you have cancelled your subscription. This is because the subscription remains active until its expiry date. Depending on the type of subscription you have, this can last from one to twelve months.

Therefore, you should not be surprised if you still have access to the VIP service after cancelling your subscription.

Additional information

Period of validity of the subscription by level

The length of time you have access to the VIP service after cancellation depends on the validity period of your subscription. Wakanim offers different subscription levels, each valid for a specific period of time.

Depending on which level you have chosen, your subscription can be valid for one to twelve months.

Reference to other related topics

Besides cancelling your Wakanim subscription, there are other topics that might be of interest to anime fans. These include, for example, the costs of Anime on Demand or redeeming the Crunchyroll guest pass.

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Summary of the most important points

In summary, deleting a Wakanim account is a simple process that requires only a few steps. After logging into the Wakanim website and navigating to the profile, you need to select "My account" and then "History of your subscription/payment history".

The last step is to click on the "Cancel" button. After cancellation, your membership will be paused, but you can still use the VIP service until the expiry date of your subscription.

Concluding thoughts and recommendations

It is important to remember that the decision to cancel a Wakanim account should be well considered as you will no longer have access to VIP benefits afterwards. However, if you find that you no longer need or use Wakanim's services, cancelling your subscription is a sensible option.

Remember that there are many other ways to enjoy anime, such as via Anime on Demand or Crunchyroll.

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