How to delete and disable your Quasar Gaming Account ⛔️ our instructions

How to delete and disable your Quasar Gaming Account ⛔️ our instructions

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⭐ How to Delete your Quasar Gaming Account

Here, will show you How to delete your Quasar Gaming Account. Who likes to be on the move in online casinos often wants to change the casino to get to know new games. Other players may be attracted to the local arcade world or may want to pursue a different hobby. This guide shows in detail how to delete your account at Quasar Gaming Online Casino. All the important steps necessary to permanently delete an account with this provider are listed.

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⭐ Delete account in Quasar Gaming Online Casino

How to delete your account at Quasar Gaming Online Casino is described in detail in the FAQ under the heading “My Account” under the heading “Account Closure”. In this context, the account can be closed permanently or only for a certain period of time. To delete the account, the user must log into his account, as he otherwise does with username (or email) and password.
In the account area is a function that allows support contact. This is because deletion is not possible using a button, but must be performed by the support team. The support will be asked by the player to delete the account. In addition, the player must request his remaining balance from the account so that this is not lost. The deletion will be carried out by the Quasar Gaming Online Casino and then confirmed in writing to the respective user. If there is no confirmation, it makes sense to check with the support again. As a rule, however, the deletion process is uncomplicated and reliable.

⭐ Delete account at Quasar Gaming Online Casino: Step by step

  • ⭐ Login to account using email address or username and password
  • ⭐ ask the support for the deletion of the account (permanently)
  • ⭐ request a possible remaining balance on the account
  • ⭐ wait confirmation of account deletion support
  • ⭐ if necessary, check again if deletion confirmation has not been made within a reasonable period of time

Attention: The deletion of the account cannot be easily undone. It is therefore a decision that should be well considered.

⭐ What happens at Quasar Gaming Online Casino with my private data?

Data protection is of particular importance in today’s world following cases of abuse and hacker attacks. How Quasar Gamining Online Casino handles a user’s data after account deletion is explained in the Privacy Policy. These can be found at the bottom of the website under the heading “Customer Service”. The Privacy Policy states in point 10 that by registering with Quasar Gaming Online Casino, a player consents to the retention and use of his/her data even after the account has been deleted. Administrative aspects and legal grounds are given as reasons in this context. The legal obligation to store data is explicitly addressed.

⭐ About Quasar Gaming Online Casino

Quasar Gaming is a company which belongs to the umbrella brand Quasar Limited. The company has the license to gamble from Malta. The licence of the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) is subject to high requirements. This means that it is a quality feature and a sign of a high degree of seriousness and thus trustworthiness. The Quasar Gaming Online Casino offers the Novoline games. They come from Novomatic AG, which, in cooperation with Greentube as an established game manufacturer, is constantly developing exciting high-quality slots. It is precisely for this reason that the online casino, which has been on the market for over ten years, has developed a unique selling point, which is why many players are attracted to it. A legendary classic in the field of novoline games is the “Book of Ra”. Through gateways and encryption, the Quasar Gaming Online Casino ensures the security of its players and their payments according to the latest standards.

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⭐ Summary

  • The Quasar Gaming Online Casino is an established provider with the high-quality license of MGA and a focus on the Novoline slot machines.
  • The deletion of the account in this casino can be permanent or temporary.
  • For the deletion of the Accouts user safely logs into his customer account, asks the support for deletion and requests his remaining credit.
  • The account deletion will be confirmed in writing and data of the player in legally and administratively necessary effort will continue to be stored.


How can I delete my Quasar Gaming Online Casino account?

To delete your account, log in using your email address or username and password. Then, contact support and request account deletion (permanent or temporary) and your remaining balance. The support team will carry out the deletion, and you will receive a written confirmation.

What happens to my private data after deleting my Quasar Gaming Online Casino account?

After an account deletion, Quasar Gaming retains and uses your data for administrative purposes and legal grounds, as explained in its Privacy Policy. They adhere to the legal obligation to store data.

What makes Quasar Gaming Online Casino a trustworthy provider?

Quasar Gaming has a high-quality license from the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA), which signifies a high degree of seriousness and trustworthiness. They offer Novoline games from Novomatic AG and ensure the security of players and their payments through gateways and encryption.

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How to delete and disable your Quasar Gaming Account ⛔️ our instructions
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