How to delete and disable your Mr Green Account ⛔️ our instructions

How to delete and disable your Mr Green Account ⛔️ our instructions

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⭐ How to Delete your Mr Green Account

Here, will show you How to delete your Mr Green Account. Mr Green is an online casino that makes deleting a player’s account as easy as opening it. However, it is important to know that if you delete the account once, you will no longer be able to log in again under the same name. Therefore Mr Green offers the possibility to deactivate a player account instead of deleting the customer account. If you still want to delete your Mr Green account once and for all, you will find detailed instructions here.

⭐ Delete account with Mr Green

As already mentioned, a deletion of the customer account is valid for life. Once you have decided to delete your account with Mr Green, you will no longer be able to log back into the casino with that name. On Mr Green’s platform there is no button to delete the player’s account. In order to delete an account with this casino provider, you need to send an informal e-mail to customer service, stating the sender, first and last name, registration address and date of birth. It is also advisable to indicate in this e-mail that you wish your personal data to be deleted. Furthermore, the direct debit authorization granted should be revoked in the course of account deletion. It is also advisable to request a cancellation confirmation from Mr Green so that you can be sure that the cancellation has been carried out correctly. If there is a balance on the player account, you should be sure to have it paid out before cancelling. After only a few days you will receive a confirmation from Mr Green. The customer service then takes care of the deletion of the account and the data mentioned.

⭐ Delete account with Mr Green – ⭐ Step by step

  1. ⭐ Disburse any credit balance to the player account
  2. ⭐ Send informal email to Mr Green Customer Service
  3. ⭐ name and surname, date of birth and address
  4. ⭐ Revoke direct debit authorization
  5. ⭐ Delete personal data
  6. ⭐ Request confirmation of cancellation
  7. ⭐ Confirmation of termination received

⭐ What happens at Mr Green with my private data?

Mr Green states in the Terms of Use that personal data will be handled in accordance with the provisions of the Maltese Data Protection Act, as set out in Chapter 440 of the Maltese Laws. This information is used to provide the casino user with access to the website and to games and payout options. How the data will be handled after the deletion of the Mr Green account is not stated in the terms of use. As Mr Green has a lifelong suspension from the casino following termination, it is assumed that the casino will retain at least the full name and date of birth in the company’s records.

⭐ About Mr Green

Mr Green presenting himself as a gentleman with umbrella and melon is known to almost everyone from advertising on TV and the Internet. Mr Green Casino has made a name for itself because of its wide range of games, which consists of classic live casino with all games such as Black Jack, German Roulette and Baccarat, which you can also play in the real casino. There are also a number of exciting slots, such as Cloud Quest or Hugo, which have made online casinos popular. Founded in 2007 and available online since 2008, Mr Green Casino has a wealth of experience and expertise in the online casino sector. For this reason, Mr Green has already received numerous awards, such as the INTERNETWORLD TOPP 100 Award in the years 2009 to 2014, the IGA 2015 Online Casino of the Year Award and the IGA 2016 Mobile Operator of the Year Award, which speaks for the quality and popularity of Mr Green.

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⭐ Summary

  • lifetime account deletion
  • Disburse credit before deletion
  • Cancellation via e-mail containing important data
  • Customers receive a cancellation confirmation
  • Data will be treated according to Maltese Data Protection Act
  • Mr Green known as a serious supplier
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How to delete and disable your Mr Green Account ⛔️ our instructions