How to delete your Bwin Account ⛔️ our instructions

How to delete your Bwin Account ⛔️ our instructions

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Delete your bwin account now, it’s that easy thanks to our instructions! Nowadays, Bwin is one of the global market leaders in the field of virtual gambling. Nevertheless, dissatisfaction as well as a possible gambling addiction can be an important factor that players want to delete their account. But what options are there for this and how can the deletion be implemented?

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⭐ Deleting an account at bwin

There are two ways to deactivate your account at bwin. On the one hand, the account can be permanently deleted, on the other hand, it can be temporarily closed. In order to delete your account at bwin, you need to contact the support via e-mail. You only have to ask for the deletion of your account. It is not necessary to state your reasons. It is important that you inform the company of a deadline within which the deletion must take place. On the other hand, the procedure may drag on longer than you would like.

⭐ Deleting a win account

If the account is only to be closed for a certain period of time, the options to close the account can be found under the menu item “My account”. A period of one week, one month or three months can be selected. The account cannot be accessed during this period. You can also close your bwin account for an unlimited period of time. If you choose this option, the closure can be lifted after six months at the earliest. After deletion, you should definitely find the right bwin alternative. We will be happy to help you decide.

⭐ Deleting an account at bwin – ⭐ step by step

  • ⭐ Write an email to bwin support requesting that your account be permanently deleted
  • ⭐ Inform bwin that you are requesting a written confirmation
  • ⭐ Set the company a deadline of no more than two weeks within which the deletion must take place
  • ⭐ If bwin does not comply with this request, renew your demand emphatically
  • ⭐ Continue to request that all personal data be removed from the database after deletion

⭐ What happens to my private data after I block my bwin account?

For legal reasons, when requesting the deletion of your account, you should indicate that bwin should delete your personal data after closing your account. However, it is important to note that virtual casinos are also bound by certain guidelines due to the legal situation. For this reason, the deletion of players’ personal data can only take place after five years. During this period, all personal data continues to be stored in bwin’s databases. However, due to the high security standards, you do not have to fear that your data can be misused or viewed by third parties.

⭐ About bwin and delete bwin account

Bwin is a provider of virtual gambling. In addition to sports betting, the offer includes numerous variants of well-known casino games. The company was formed in 2011 from a merger of the Austrian bwin Interactive Entertainment AG and Party Gaming plc. However, bwin was already founded in 1997. While the initial focus was on sports betting, more and more casino offers were implemented over the years. Due to the extensive offer and its good reputation, bwin has long since developed into one of the market leaders. According to the company, the number of registered accounts worldwide is currently around 20 million.

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⭐ Summary

  • Deleting the account at bwin is possible at any time
  • To have the account definitely deleted, the company must be requested to do so in writing via e-mail
  • After deletion, access to the provider’s functions is no longer possible
  • A deleted account cannot be reactivated
  • If you are unsure, it is recommended that you only suspend the account for the time being

Personal data will only be deleted from the system after five years.


Wie kann ich mein Bwin-Konto endgültig löschen?

Um Ihr Bwin-Konto endgültig zu löschen, schreiben Sie eine E-Mail an den Bwin Support und fordern Sie die Löschung Ihres Kontos an. Weisen Sie darauf hin, dass Sie eine schriftliche Bestätigung wünschen und setzen Sie eine Frist von maximal zwei Wochen für die Löschung.

Wie kann ich mein Bwin-Konto vorübergehend schließen?

Um Ihr Bwin-Konto vorübergehend zu schließen, navigieren Sie zu “Mein Konto” und wählen Sie eine Schließungsfrist von einer Woche, einem Monat oder drei Monaten. Alternativ können Sie Ihr Konto auch auf unbestimmte Zeit schließen, mit der Option, die Schließung nach mindestens sechs Monaten rückgängig zu machen.

Was passiert mit meinen persönlichen Daten, nachdem ich mein Bwin-Konto gelöscht habe?

Nach der Löschung Ihres Kontos werden Ihre persönlichen Daten aufgrund gesetzlicher Bestimmungen noch fünf Jahre in den Datenbanken von Bwin gespeichert. Bwin hält hohe Sicherheitsstandards ein, um zu gewährleisten, dass Ihre Daten während dieser Zeit nicht missbraucht oder von Dritten eingesehen werden können.

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How to delete your Bwin Account ⛔️ our instructions
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