How to delete and disable your 888 Casino Account ⛔️ our instructions

How to delete and disable your 888 Casino Account ⛔️ our instructions

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⭐ How to Delete your 888 Casino Account

Here, will show you How to delete your 888 Casino Account and how you can close 888 account. If you no longer want to gamble in the online world or change your online casino, you often want to cancel your account. Deleting an account at the 888 Casino is very straightforward. Interested parties can find out here in this little guide which steps to take to delete the account and what they need to bear in mind when doing so. Also information about the 888 Casino as a provider is given here to compare the casino with others on the market. So we will answer the question: How to delete 888 casino account?

⭐ Delete account at 888 Casino

The 888 Casino account can be deleted very easily. However, because security aspects must be considered, the deletion will be done by the support team of the online casino. This is requested using a practical form that is already available on the website. The form can be found under the dot with the name “Delete account”. There it is indicated which data the user has to fill out in order to send the form to the support. Customer service will delete the data promptly on the basis of the information provided. This usually takes 48 hours. Once the deletion is complete, Support will send a confirmation mail to the user. The notice is then effective immediately. It is important that the customer requests his credit in advance, that it may still be on his customer account, so that the money is not lost.

⭐ 888 Casino close account – ⭐ Step by step

  • ⭐ Go to the 888 Casino website and select the “Delete Account” menu item
  • ⭐ Apply for a credit balance in the customer account, which may be available, to be paid out
  • ⭐ Fill out all points of the account deletion form carefully
  • ⭐ Send form to customer service
  • ⭐ wait for confirmation mail of support (usually within 48 hours)
  • ⭐ Requests, if no confirmation of cancellation should be received

⭐ 888 close account – What happens to my data?

On the website, 888 Casino does not explicitly state what will happen to customers’ data if they request the deletion of their account. However, the 888 Casino is also bound by the European Data Protection Directive. The law is that data necessary for the registration of a user must still be kept for seven years after the deletion of an account in an online casino. A passing on to unauthorized third parties is not permitted however. In addition, security standards must be guaranteed that give hacker attacks and data misuse as little chance as possible. How to delete 888 account is also answered here.

⭐ About the 888 Casino

The 888 Casino belongs to a group that was founded in 1997. The company is even listed on the London Stock Exchange, which brings with it a high degree of seriousness. In addition, the casino has the license from Gibraltar, which also testifies to seriousness, because the gambling license from this country is linked to high requirements and has security of players and data in focus. The 888 Casino scores by taking responsibility for players and other people. It not only takes gambling addiction and addiction prevention seriously. It is also a founding member of International Medical Corps UK and has provided typhoon assistance to the Philippines. The slot machines are available in a wide range and have something for every taste. In addition to slots, there are also classic table games such as poker and roulette, which also create a certain live atmosphere. Black Jack and Baccarat are also on offer. The live casino, which is integrated into the 888 Casino and impresses with its realistic atmosphere, provides special excitement. The 888 Casino has already received some prizes for its offer. These include the Gaming Intelligence Award, which recognizes the best casino operator of a year (awarded to 888 Casino in 2015), and Global Gaming Awards.

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⭐ 888 casino delete account – The summary

  • The 888 Casino has been active in the gaming market since 1997
  • Sortiment includes slot, but also table games
  • social commitment as a corporate philosophy
  • comprehensive player protection with addiction prevention
  • Cancellation is carried out by the support team and is usually processed within 48 hours
  • ready prepared cancellation form, in which the user enters all relevant information and then sends it to support
  • request possible credit balance on the customer account before
  • Deletion confirmation for the respective account by the customer service
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How to delete and disable your 888 Casino Account ⛔️ our instructions
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